Discover why Matt Flain should be your recruiter of choice

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of us before. Flain Resourcing Ltd is not a big name corporate recruiter with multiple offices. It’s run by Matt Flain – the specialist construction recruiter you can depend on for his vast experience, contact list and personable service.

He’s worked with Chairmen, CEOs, MDs, Directors and hiring managers right across the spectrum. He has in-depth knowledge of all construction departments including commercial, operational, design and pre-construction. And he has filled just about every construction industry role, from top to bottom.


With so much specific industry experience and so many contacts, he adds massive value, particularly at times of peak recruitment.

Before launching Flain Resourcing Ltd, Matt was Group Head of Resourcing for Lakehouse plc. This meant directly sourcing staff for companies within the group, and building close relationships with other agencies in the sector.

As a result, he has excellent industry knowledge across all disciplines, and an unrivalled network of UK construction professionals at his fingertips.

Matt fills roles by focusing on the details. He cares about integrity, honesty, efficiency, reliability and customer service – because he knows these are the things you care about too. What does this mean in practice? For example, he always keeps clients and candidates informed throughout the process, giving open and honest feedback that’s tactful and appropriate.